How light influences our feelings

This is a school project I created for my Individual Project. I got to choose my own subject and make a whole project.

What I researched in this project was how light influences our feelings and how it can be translated into a portrait series. Together with Stan’s beautiful literature, it has a well-resulted outcome.


In this period in my study I still have lots of interest in my discipline. Because of that reason I decided to choose what I like most and completely strip it apart. Therefore I chose to do my project about light.

Light changes everything. From photography to architecture, everyone uses light to influence something.

Research question

How can light influence someone’s feelings?

So based on that question I created my own assignment: 
Create a portrait series where light changes how you feel about the image.

Short film

To close this project I wanted to make a short film in which I could test the research and finally create something. 

I decided to visualize a portrait series from a poem. So I asked Stan van Dongen to write a poem for the project and shot a couple of pictures with different lighting.

Stan recorded the poem himself and I added various sound to the audio.

Some experimentation: