Minor European Project Semester

Energy for Rural Zambia

MINOR: Eurooppalainen ohjausjakso (EPS)

"MINOR: European Project Semester (EPS)" - Finnish

Gain international experience in a multidiciplinair and multicultural project for one semester in another university.

The European Project Semester is a project by multiple universities all over Europe. They organize engineering projects for international students with the aim of bringing together different students with various disciplines.

I choose the EPS in Vaasa, Finland.


"The project"

During the minor, we got to choose a project out of 6 options. I choose the project: Affordable Energy for Rural Zambia.

The Project “Potential of nanogrids as a source of clean and affordable energy in Zambia” has the aim to create and simulate a model to produce affordable and renewable energy in rural areas of Zambia. The task needs to be dealt with based on off-grid technology.

Oma panokseni hankkeeseen

"My contribution to the project"

Working in a narrowly specified technical project as a design student takes a lot of exploration and an open mind. First we did a lot of research on the subject and then we split up the team in 2 different groups, 1 for the simulation and 1 for visualizing the project.
The visualization was an optional addition to the project to make it more clear for less engineering technical people like me!


"The visualization"

The way we wanted to tell the story of the project was through a website. It was going to be supported by a 3D model custom made for this project. Both the website and 3D model were completely designed and created by Henrik (right in the pic) and me.

3D model

The 3D model was created in Blender. it is inspired by an African savannah landscape to replicate the situation.

Website development

The website was developed with smooth-scrolling animation in mind. This was going to explain the project through storytelling in the African landscape.

Suuret kiitokset seuraaville sidosryhmille...

"Many thanks to the following stakeholders..."

Suuret kiitokset...

"Many thanks to..."

– Novia University of Applied Sciences
– Avans University of Applied Sciences
– Copperbelt University
– University of Zambia