This school assignment consisted of 2 posters about your hometown.
There had to be an underlying thought that you could come up with yourself.

My concept arose after I went cycling through my hometown.

First Images

I was going to cycle 2 laps through Oss. One in the afternoon and one in the evening.
Here you can see some images I made then.


My 2 posters were going to present Oss in 2 situations: “Beautiful and Ugly”.

The concept is based on the expression:
“as ugly as the night”.

Only I reversed it because Oss would be ugly by itself & it becomes more beautiful when it gets dark.

On the “beautiful” poster, Oss would be in the dark with lots of lights and a cozy atmosphere.
On the “ugly” poster, Oss would be in daylight but without any atmosphere or cozyness.

How the posters were created

With these pictures, I continued.

Then I put a vintage filter effect over the photos.

Then I made the photos smaller and put a white canvas around them. That's where the rest of the context will be put.

After this, some additional components of the photo were added to the whole.

Here I have added the title & subtitle of the project to the posters

To complete the posters, I added 2 figures to the background. These compliment the picture.

Result posters