The Endless World of Nothingness

For this school project, we had to create a monument for in the Metaverse. 
This monument could be about anything as long as it was placed inside the futuristic Metaverse.

My monument is about the danger of the Metaverse.

The monument

As a Metaverse user, you can come into this world if other users find it necessary.
You will sit inside the chair looking at the screen. This will display yourself, looking at the same screen.

When you turn around, you will see this…

The purpose of this world is to bring people back to reality. It gives the impression that you are trapped inside an endless loop of realities.
This experience should signify fear and paranoia, forcing users back to reality.

Because this is not your reality…

Overview of the world

The location for this monument is the desert. It is specifically chosen because it represents infinity. The desert, as is the ocean, is a place between lands. In this situation between fiction and reality.

Would you press the red button?