In this school assignment, we had to create a generative identity for the Tramkade. A generative identity is a style that changes on certain inputs.

The Tramkade is a catering location outside the center of Den Bosch in The Netherlands. 
It has a unique atmosphere because it was originally a cattle feed factory and has retained these industrial characteristics! 

Style impression

To get an impression of the location, I visited the Tramkade! 

The pictures belong to GCA Productions


My generative identity is made up of 2 findings. 

Tramkade has a huge contrast: 
– Cheerful: Graffiti, color, people, hospitality
– Gray: Rust, factory materials, abandoned objects

The Tramkade looks very different when it is sunny or cloudy.
When it is sunny, it is bustling with people and color.
When it is cloudy it looks gray and there is not a person to be seen.

This is where I drew inspiration for the brand identity from.

Brand Identity

From left to right you can see how the weather affects the logo. The logo takes on color, going from rust to red.
From top to bottom you can see how the number of visitors affects the logo. Shapes are added which represent the visitors.

When the weather gets nice, the number of people increases. This gives the Tramkade its color!
Because without its visitors, the Tramkade would no longer exist.

Impression Visual

Made with Google Earth Studios


For the Tramkade to implement the generative identity, I developed a number of mockups.

Here you can see how the logo would change during a clearing.