I did my internship at Story2tell Mediaproductions. 
It is a small film company based in Utrecht which makes documentaries, educational films, and promotional films.

My goal was to learn more about film and incorporate better storytelling into my projects.
And sure I did!

Where did i Work?

As I said Story2tell is a small company with 2 main employees. 

Marieke Spee


A history degree stood at her base but in the meantime, she has grown into an experienced researcher and documentary maker. She knows how to get the best stories out of people and make them into great documentaries.

Jos Bierings


Trained as a visual artist but now an experienced television producer. Jos is a creative thinker with an aesthetic eye for detail and a passion for capturing intriguing stories.

leading Assignment

The first thing I noticed about Story2tell Media is that its website was outdated.
Therefore I saw a chance to not only learn to incorporate storytelling into video but also in webdesign. 

My leading assignment, therefore, was to redesign their website and include some storytelling assets in it.
So to sum everything up, I wanted to focus my attention on film but besides that, work on the redesign of their website.

Some projects i did...


The Burezina food garden is a new addition to the Overvecht neighborhood in Utrecht. It is a vegetable garden that the entire neighborhood can use. The garden is part of community center Burezina.

Do you want to come garden with us?

My Role

Redesign Website

As I mentioned before, besides the creation of the films I have also done a complete redesign of their website!
You can check it out on

Looking Back

Looking back at my internship with great pleasure and lots of things I have learned. 
Jos and Marieke were also impressed with my work and therefore I got the opportunity to continue to collab with Story2tell on future projects.

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