In this school project, we had to create an animation for a problem which we could choose.

You can’t find your gate… Are you going to make it on time?
What can you do before your flight leaves?

Plando is THE solution!

3D Character

Location: Airport

Problem: People who arrive late & miss their flight.
Or have to rush for their flight.

Question from users: How long do I have until my plane leaves?
What can/should I do in that time?

Concept in words: When people arrive at different (waiting) points at the airport
come to the airport they can check through this column:

How much time do they have left?
What can they still do?
Whether they need to hurry.
Fastest route for rushing people.

The process

How it is created


All the sounds I recorded myself with my Rode NT1-A.

Beats by Mick Guelen.