Minor: Energy For Rural Zambia

Minor European Project Semester Energy for Rural Zambia MINOR: Eurooppalainen ohjausjakso (EPS) “MINOR: European Project Semester (EPS)” – Finnish Gain international experience in a multidiciplinair and multicultural project for one semester in another university. http://europeanprojectsemester.eu/ The European Project Semester is a project by multiple universities all over Europe. They organize engineering projects for international students […]

The Endless World of Nothingness

This project explores the boundaries of the Metaverse and why it is the endless world of nothingness. Why this futuristic project should be part of our everyday life.


PLANDO In this school project, we had to create an animation for a problem which we could choose. You can’t find your gate… Are you going to make it on time? What can you do before your flight leaves? Plando is THE solution! 3D Character Location: Airport Problem: People who arrive late & miss their flight. […]